Most people when asked what food they associate with the Indian sub-continent will say "Curry", but not every spiced dish is a curry dish and curry is not just one dish. Indian Cuisine embraces a whole range of dishes, each distinctly different according to the spices and herbs used in varying combinations. Rice and fresh made breads are an outstanding feature of Indian Cuisine as well as the wide variety of dishes that may be subtle, pungent, hot or mild. There is something to suit every palate.

Please take a look at our full-service daily menu.

Sit down, relax and let us make your visit to Everest Cuisine a unique experience.

Please don't forget that we prepare our food to your personal taste and you are at liberty to order mild, medium or hot.


Monday - Friday 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

A choice of one of the dishes served with soup, rice, naan, onion chutney and desert of the day!

Non-Vegetarian       .....$8.99

Chicken Curry Boneless pieces of chicken, cooked with spices in a curry sauce.

Fish Makhani Boneless fish cooked in a fresh creamy tomato sauce with fresh ground spices.

Chicken Tandoori Roasted chicken with bone marinated in yogurt, garlic and flavorful spices.

Lamb Curry Succulent young, tender lamb cubes cooked in a curry sauce with Indian spices.

Butter Chicken Boneless tandoori chicken cooked in fresh creamy tomato sauce with fresh ground spices.

Chicken Saagwala Chicken cooked with spinach, herbs and spices.

Fish Curry Fish sesoned with herbs and spices simmered in a curry sauce.


Vegetarian                 .....$7.99

Mixed Vegetable Curry Garden fresh vegetables prepared in a rich curry sauce.

Aloo Mattar Tamatar Fresh potatoes pean and tomatoes cooked in tumeric, herbs and spices.

Dal Makhani Lentil delicacy, slow simmered with butter, garlic, ginger and tomatoes.

Palak Tofu Tofu cooked with wholesome spinach, fresh herbs and spices.

Tofu Mattar Tofu cooked with fresh peas in a classic curry sauce.

Palak Paneer Fresh thomemade cheese cubes cooked with spinach, herbs and spices.

Vegetable Makhanwala Healthy garden fresh vegetables cooked in a rich tomato sauce.

Mattar Paneer Savory fresh homemade cheese cubes prepared with green peas, herbs and spices.

Aloo Chloe Chickpeas and diced potatoes prepared with spices in a flavorful curry sauce.

Paneer Makhani Delicious homemade cheese cubes cooked in a savory tomato sauce.



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Indian Terms

Achaar - Pickle flavored

Aloo - Potatoes

Bhuna - Stir fried

Channa - Chickpeas

Dal - Lentil

Makhani - Buttery

Mattar - Green Peas

Naan - A flat leavened bread

Paneer - Homemade cottage cheese

Saag - Spinach

Tandoor - A barrel-shaped clay oven



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